Hitaltech provide connectors for sensitive and harsh environments

March 2017

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Do you need to protect your electronics against particular environments but you are afraid resin can inhibit the functionality of your terminal blocks and connectors?

No worries, we provide a range of products which can be used in resin applications. These include such variants as tall terminal blocks, terminals with a closed base, PCB headers with stand-off and other custom designs.

Furthermore, Hitaltech offer a range of products which can be used with NH3 or salt environments, thanks to special raw materials and specific plating on metallic parts.

Hitaltech’s range of standard and custom design terminal blocks and connectors can help you solve the below possible problems:

  • Intellectual property - it has also been known for resin to be applied to avoid copyright infringement. Hitaltech provide standard and custom design terminal blocks and connectors for those circuit protected by resin.
  • Humidity - the resin can protect your electronics against moisture.
    Hitaltech can help you by suggesting tall terminal blocks, terminal blocks with a closed base or PCB headers with stand-off to be used with resin.
  • Mechanical stress - should you need to put resin on top of your electronics to avoid mechanical tension, our standard or custom design terminal blocks and connectors can be suitable for these applications.
  • Harsh chemicals - we offer a range of terminal blocks with stainless steel springs, wrapped clamps, specific copper alloy pins/terminals or gold plating which are corrosion resistant, thus ideal for environments where ammonia and salt are present. This makes them suitable for use in the marine industry, bio-technology application, agri-food sector, petrochemical applications and many others. 

Should you face more challenging environments, do not hesitate to contact us!