Flexible Modules


Flexible Module is a cost effective Flexible PCB solution, made of a Fix Jumper or Flex System assembled with electronic components. Those cables with SMD components can be customised to meet individual request without the need for expensive tooling.

  • Better flexibility compared to a rigid PCB
  • Available in continuous reel or in single pieces
  • Can be used as a heatsink or can carry high current using bigger section conductors
  • Various Copper section can be mixed in the same cable, each conductor according to its purpose
  • Cable width according to request
  • We can use various processes to produce a purpose-made cable fit for the needed electronic components.

The processes available are: slitting, cross cutting, stripping, crimping, placing stiffeners or adhesive tapes, lasering holes, selective soldering, reflow soldering, resistance welding, overmolding by injection molding, potting.